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ProgressNotesAI is a combination of specialized AI tools for creating therapy progress notes, treatment plans, and more, designed with the unique needs of behavioral health professionals in mind.


Easy to use

ProgressNotesAI offers customizable templates for therapy sessions.

A Wide Variety of Clinical Topics

Explore everything private practice with our series of GPT Apps to guide you through billing, notes, and treatment plans.

Template Creation

Create templates to use for clinical documentation, treatment plans, paperwork and newsletters.

Podcast Episodes

The Run Your Private Practice with AI Podcast is packed full of actionable tips and tricks to get you started on your AI journey.

Clinical AI Club

All the tools you need to get your private practice fully using AI to save time and money.

Active Private Facebook Support Community

Members of the Clinical AI Club have access to a private support community where we tackle private practice issues and come up with solutions together.

We’re just getting started! 

therapist members
training modules
monthly trainings
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Private Practice Topics

Therapists in private practice typically handle their own administrative tasks, including documentation.

ProgressNotesAI significantly reduces the time spent on these tasks, allowing therapists more time for client care and personal well-being.

I wanted to thank you for introducing me to AI/ChatGPT and its potential. I’ve been a member of the clinical AI club for a couple of months now and it’s been a game changer for me in keeping up with the documentation in my private practice. Elina P. LCSW
Kym Tolson, LCSW & AI Aficionado

Founder ProgressNotesAI (TM)


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I just came on here to say I just purchased your subscription based service (clinical ai club). I am speechless. The amount of help and information, not to mention all the hard work you have put into this is amazing. If you are on the fence about doing this take the leap. So detailed and helpful.
Kristina Lea
Clinical AI Club Member
The admin Kym Tolson of this group has a great membership that’s all about using AI as a clinician and PP owner, Clinical AI Club at a great price! It includes tons of prompts shared in the private fb group and the website website. Each month has a specific theme, coworking sessions with Kym and members where you can ask questions & get support live. There are also bonus or training sessions, guest interviews, etc. Some past topics have been developing treatment plans, marketing, there is a bonus this month on using AI in CANVA to create presentations.
Latonya Washington
Clincial AI Club Member
As a private practice owner, the Clinical AI Club has been a treasure trove of resources. The group's focus on practical applications of AI, like developing treatment plans and creating marketing materials with CANVA, has been particularly beneficial. Kym's hands-on approach during live sessions adds immense value.
Rebecca S
Clinical AI Club Member
You are a rock star, for real. I've never experienced anyone else in the field giving such original and helpful info. Thank you!
Stephanie F
Clinical AI Club Member
I've been a member of the Clinical AI Club for several months and it's been nothing short of amazing. The themed monthly content is always on point, and the bonus training sessions are just incredibly helpful.
Thomas L
Clinical AI Club Member
"The private FB group and website resources within the Clinical AI Club have transformed how I use AI in my clinical practice. The live sessions with Kym and peers provide immediate support and insights, which is indispensable for a private practice owner like me
Jeanette K
Clinical AI Club Member